Five Minute Makeup Routine – Look Gorgeous in Minutes

Are you pressed for time most mornings? Your child loses a shoe and you need to help him find it before the bus comes. You hit snooze one too many times and find yourself scrambling to get ready for work. Mornings can be very hectic and no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to find the time you need to get ready for your day properly.

If this sounds all too familiar, you may think you don’t have time to put on makeup. The reality is that no matter how pressed for time you are, you can still find some time to apply a little color. The secret is that you should develop an effective five minute routine designed to help you look your best in a limited amount of time.

Everyone needs a five minute makeup routine. Even if you’re the type to wear a full face every day, it is still worth your while to develop something you can do fast, just in case. Not only that, but a shorter routine is perfect for midday touchups or for those moments when you want to transition your makeup from your day look to your night look. Here’s some information on what every five minute routine should include.

Apply Simple Base Makeup

The first thing you should do as part of your quick makeup routine is to apply base makeup. There are several strategies you can use.

Tinted moisturizer. This two-in-one strategy saves time. You can either buy a tinted product for your skin type and complexion or you can mix your regular moisturizer and foundation together for easy application. This is ideal if you would like to still apply your full eye and lip makeup.

Regular foundation. If you are willing to forego your regular eye and lip makeup, or streamline the two routines, making your regular base makeup a priority is a great strategy because it evens out your skin and makes it look flawless. After your done with this step, however, you will only have time for a few other steps.

Face powder. Of course, you can skip your base makeup all together and swipe some powder over your skin after you apply makeup. This will provide a simple and effective base for blusher and eye shadow. However, it does little to even out your skin tone.

Concealer. If you think you have enough time, you may want to apply concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes or uneven skin pigmentation. After applying concealer you can either apply your powder, tinted moisturizer, or your regular foundation.

Add some color. At this stage, and if time permits, you may choose to add a quick swipe of blush. This step is especially important if you feel tired or sick because this feeling tends to show on your skin. You can opt to apply bronzer instead of blush. Chances are, however, you won’t have time for both.

To maximize this step, it helps to work with a professional makeup expert to help you find the correct shade. Base makeup only does it’s job of making your skin look flawless if you select the right color.

Quick Eye and Lip Strategies

When developing your five minute routine, you need to decide if you will focus most of your attention on your eyes or most of it on your lips. Even though you can manage to look polished in a short period of time, you need to streamline your routine. When in doubt, choose the feature you like the best.

Focusing on the Lips

If you choose to focus on the lips, you still may want to apply a thin layer of eyeliner and a few quick swipes of mascara to define your eyes in a subtle way. Next, choose a lip color that compliments your skin tone.

Make sure to select a color that is appropriate for your needs. For example, if you work in a conservative office, you’ll want to find a color that defines your lips without being too loud.

Defining Your Eyes

Rather than draw attention to your lips, you may want to focus on your eyes. In this case, you may still want to apply some lip gloss or a very neutral lip shade. If time permits, you may have a change to apply a full eye makeup routine that includes eyeshadow, eyeliner, and even mascara. If you are truly pressed for time but still want to define your eyes, apply powder to your lids for a base, apply eyeliner, and then a quick swipe of mascara.

With only five minutes to make your face look polished, you don’t have enough time to define both your lips and your eyes. Choose your best feature and focus on that.

Sample Five Minute Routine

Here is a sample routine designed give you an idea of how to execute your own routine.This particular strategy assumes that you will focus on defining your lips, not your eyes.

  • Wash your face as usual.
  • Dot concealer on any problem areas.
  • Apply tinted moisturizer, followed by a quick swipe of pressed powder.
  • Using a large brush, apply bronzing powder on your forehead, nose, and cheeks.
  • With the same brush, apply a little blush on your cheekbones.
  • Apply a few coats of mascara to your lashes. Curl them beforehand if you feel you have enough time.
  • Line your lips with your favorite lip pencil. Fill in with your favorite lip color.
  • Put your pressed powder compact and lipstick in your purse for quick touchups throughout the day.

From start to finish, this routine should take no more than five minutes. Make changes to this routine depending on what your needs are. For example, if you prefer to highlight your eyes, you won’t want to spend all your time applying lipstick. A quick swipe of gloss while you run out the door will be enough.

As you can see, coming up with an effective routine that takes only five minutes is completely doable. It may take some trial and error before you are comfortable with the techniques and the methods that work for you.

How to Restore and Manage Curly Hair

Winter weather can bring frizz, dryness, and chaos to naturally curly hair. I have Holiday photos to prove it. By now, you have probably heard the words; air dry, no heat, diffuser, no brushes. I fought against these tips with every hair dryer, straightener, and hair product I could find.

Finally, I applied some of the tips I had spent years reading about. Curly hairstyles begin when shampooing. I usually skip two days between shampooing. This is important: Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your type hair is essential. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. I prefer L’Oréal Paris, sulfate free because I color my hair.

When shampooing, I learned by massaging it into my scalp, I have less breakage. Flipping my head upside down, I work a quarter size of conditioner through the ends of my hair, but not into the scalp. With a wide tooth comb, I gently comb the conditioner through my hair before rinsing.

Products that work on my hair may not work on some people. I spray Palmer’s Olive Oil through my hair. There are different oils to choose from Next, I use Pure Shine Curly Lotion. These are the two products I have found that leave my hair soft, with no frizz, breakage, or static.

After using the products, I loosely wrap a towel around my head for about 10 minutes. I use my fingers to get out tangles, and shape my curls, letting them air dry. My hair has never felt or looked better. Once a month, I like to use an argan oil treatment for my hair.

It took me years to find the products that make my hair healthy. I have tried Olive Oil and had nice results but after finding the Pure Shine Hair Lotion, the results were amazing. Every hair type is different, so not everyone can expect the same results using the same product as articles.

Besides the basics of shampooing, conditioning, and styling, there are other helpful tips. I have learned the hard way to keep thinning shears away from my hair. Layers make the curls feel and appear thinner. Towel drying doesn’t mean rubbing the towel profusely over your hair. It’s more of a gentle squeeze at the ends.

Also, I’d like to add, oils aren’t good moisturizers. They coat the hair, but don’t absorb well. Last but not least, embrace your curls and the beautiful you. Stop envying straight hair on women. Most of them are envious of your curls. Don’t be afraid of the less tame days. Let your hair down, and set your curls free.

What’s the Best Facial Mask for Your Skin Type?

Facial masks are a great addition to any skin care routine and suited for any skin type. There are many different kinds of masks for just about any skin issue to cleanse, clarify, moisturize or lighten your skin.

Whether your skin is in the mood for a calming, relaxing pamper or a quick fix using a facial mask is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to spot treat acne or de-stress your skin in one easy application. In the process you will be doing your skin a huge favor. And it doesn’t hurt that the process of application and use of facial masks can boost your mood and be great way to simply treat yourself.

In addition to all these great benefits let’s read up on the type of facial mask that might be right for your particular skin type or issue.

• Normal Type – People with normal skin have many options when choosing a mask. Because dryness or breakouts are not an issue for you using a weekly mask for deep cleaning to one for gentle cleaning will give you radiant results.

• Oily or Combination Type – Clay masks are great for oily or combination skin because they work best with removing excess oil, preventing and clearing up blackheads and deep cleaning your pores without over drying your skin. They work well with sensitive skin as well.

• Dry Type – People with dry skin are looking to add moisture, rejuvenate and plump skin. Using a moisture mask will not reduce oil; on the contrary, the benefits of a – sink in – effect, the result of rubbing in the mask and leaving on the face for up to 10 minutes, will leave you with smoother, softer skin immediately.

• Dull Type – Exfoliating masks will give dull skin a boost of radiance and leave it naturally smooth. For noticeable results use a peel off mask with fruit extracts.

• Mature Type – Mature skin is often dry caused by your skin’s dehydration and can opt for either a dry skin mask or one specified “firmer.” To reduce fine lines and boost moisture content, a firming mask that’s massaged onto your face and neck and left for about 10 minutes will result in a more youthful appearance.

Remember that in order to provide your skin with the best results in anything you do, you need to use products and regimens that are complimentary to your specific skin type.

5 Ways to Look Good This Summer!

Do you feel excited when you plan to try new outfits? Well, the excitement should be perfectly blended with comfort and style. Scorching heat may ward you off from your favourite outfits but there are ways to do them right.

Summers bring unlimited opportunities to take joy in things you love. The season may perturb many because of the scorching heat but there are few ways to deal with it. Try these tips to style yourself right this summer and let the season add joy to your life.

Prefer Comfort Over Look!

No matter how much you crave for a good look, the comfort should not be overlooked. If you prefer comfortable clothes, you will be able to feel confident which as a result will make you look good. So, always choose comfort clothing to flaunt your best look.

Say No to Chaos of Designs!

Sometimes we love to pick a dress because of its unique look. Here we easily ignore its design and print. You should choose the design carefully to look good. Avoid the design that showcases chaos.

Fabric Quality Matters!

This is another important factor that you need to pay attention on. Pick the fabric that helps you feel comfortable in Summer. Cotton is a popular choice. Do not go for the gaudy prints and shimmering fabric unless it is very important. Compromising with fabric quality may lead you to trouble and skin problems.

Wear Make Up Right!

In summers, our body tends to perspiring. However, you can overcome this problem with some smart tips. Wear only light make up and that too, by using branded beauty products. It will not only help you overcome perspiration but will also enable you to avoid the sunburn and skin issues.

Look Good From Inside!

You love looking good but do you really care about it. Nobody can ignore the fact that without being beautiful from inside, you cannot manage flaunting your outer beauty for long time. Therefore, take best care of your health. Go for a walk, take up some exercise and add fruits to your routine. Staying hydrated is the utmost need in summers.

If you follow these tips, you will never hate summers. The tips will aid you deal with summer without compromising good look. Retain your best look in the hot season without being affected by the ordeals of summer. Summer brings unlimited opportunities to indulge in joy.

Knowing the Basic Items

For someone who hasn’t already developed a beauty routine it is completely understandable if your very first visit to a cosmetic counter bar lasted just a little over five minutes. As opposed to walking up and down the aisles and busying yourself loading your carts with all kinds of makeup products, you wind up going in the direction of the exit earlier than planned and with an empty cart. If it is your first time to attempt to shop for skin care products, the first try often winds up a disaster so don’t get dissuaded. Do you understand why you rush outside the door as opposed to hurrying toward to checkout to get ahead of every other eager buyers? The response is simple, you got overwhelmed. So don’t over analyze it.

In today’s times, a trip to a beauty counter necessitates a lot of homework so it would not be a bad idea to have a list of just what you intend to get. Of course that consists of certain brand names because by the time you enter the store you will be greeted by an astonishing range of cosmetic products up and down the aisles. If you have not established your skin care routine, you will certainly wind up flooded with an endless sea of alternatives. And also it could be rather overwhelming. So before you run that errand I suggest you find out the basic products needed that comprise a skin care regimen. As soon as you grasp what you need, looking for these products would no longer be a job. As a matter of fact, you could simply get addicted to it just like the remainder of us that have are obsessed with cosmetic products. The following is a listing of crucial products you need to acquire at your very first skin care shopping excursion.

The primary item that should be on your list is a cleanser. A facial cleanser is a water-soluble item that cleanses, as the name suggests, by taking off oil, make-up and dirt from your face. You need a cleanser because washing your face with pure water isn’t really sufficient. And also it isn’t advisable to use the soap you use for the remainder of your body to your face because the skin on your face is more vulnerable and more delicate than the rest of your body. A special cleanser is a good base to wash your face with because it makes the other skin care products work efficiently better. With the best facial cleanser for your skin type, your face will certainly look smoother and much healthier.

The second item that you should use right after using a cleanser is a toner. Toners assist the restoration of the skin’s pH balance considering that the item that precedes it increases the skin’s natural pH. After cleaning your skin it needs a variety of crucial ingredients that will assist to restore and repair its area and your skin toner could give your skin simply that. When you use the ideal skin toner for your skin you will promptly look smoother and fresher right after cleaning. Toners also significantly minimize redness and dryness.

The third item is an exfoliant. They work to carefully remove dead cells from your skin to expose your brand new skin. There are two various types of exfoliants you’ll discover out there. There’s the AHA then there’s the BHA. The AHA exfoliates the outer area of your skin while the BHA exfoliates both the outer area and the within the pores. But normally they work to reveal your underlying skin by eliminating dead skin cells. There are a great deal of elements that make your skin to look dull. And also if you are prone to acne or oily skin you will still need to exfoliate. Scrubbing gets rid of the buildup of dirt on your face which could cause uneven skin tone, dullness and fine lines.

For novices, we suggest you begin purchasing these three basic products and when you are ready to experiment you could move on to advanced products such as anti-wrinkle creams, lotions and masks. But also for now it is finest if you begin your skin care workout with these three important to accomplish a naturally beautiful and smooth skin.

4 Easy Steps to Prevent Winter Hair Damage

Harsh winter weather and indoor heat can play havoc with the look and feel of your hair. To ensure vibrant, healthy hair all through the winter, it’s essential to make these four simple steps part of your regular routine: cleanse, hydrate, treat and protect.

Cleanse: To keep hair nourished and in its best state during the winter, it’s essential to cleanse your hair with a gentle, moisturizing shampoo cleanser every other day. Yes, I understand that some of us are used to washing our hair daily. But keep in mind, over washing the hair in winter can dry the hair shaft, causing your hair to become dry, brittle, and dull.

Hydrate: To minimize breakage and to keep hair soft and manageable, use a hydrating conditioner directly after cleansing. Don’t be afraid to leave the conditioner on your hair longer than the usual five to ten minutes.

Treat: For the treatment of hair, I like to use a hair mask at least once a week. Hair masks are like hero treatments for the hair. They work to strengthen, moisturize, soften, repair, and add shine. And because hair masks are composed of heavier, richer ingredients such as oils and butters, they play a wonderful role in strengthening the overall structure of healthy hair, providing extra hydration where hair needs it most. According to Advanced Hair Specialist and Peter Coppola Educator Dana Powell, it’s equally important to use extra conditioning masks such as Peter Coppola’s Total Repair Mask along with frequent trims to keep hair looking and feeling healthy.

Protect: We must protect our hair from heated elements such as flat irons, blow dryers, and yes, the sun. Because winter is so cold, heated tools such as flat irons and blow dryers become our best friends, leading to split ends, shedding, and dryness. To protect your healthy hair, don’t be afraid to skip the flat irons and go au natural. However, when you must use heated tools, the application of a heat protectant spray and a light mist of argan oil will help moisturize hair while also reducing your chances of heat damage and hair breakage. Just as the sun is capable of burning our skin, it can do the same to our scalp. Using an SPF hair protecting spray such as Banana Boat’s Quik Dry Sport Body & Scalp spray will be beneficial in protecting your scalp from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Why You Should Consider Using Argan Oil in Your Beauty Products

This natural oil is very effective in moisturising the skin. It hydrates and softens which makes it perfect when making your own beauty products, helping to keep your skin healthy at all times.

This oil can also be used when making shampoos and conditioners for your hair. It conditions hair, making it silky and soft. Everyone wants healthy looking hair and this means having hair which is soft to the touch and has a silky appearance. Argan oil is very effective in promoting healthy looking hair.

Another reason you should use argan oil when it comes to your hair is that it is effective is fighting unwelcome frizz, thereby taming your hair and keeping it under control. Thousands of women around the world struggle with frizzy hair, which is completely unmanageable and looks out of control. With this oil, the hair takes on a silky, smooth and seamless appearance.

For skin care, you will find that argan oil contains anti-ageing properties. Everyone is looking for quality anti-ageing moisturisers and creams these days to reduce the signs of ageing. Argan oil gives the skin a youthful appearance while reducing the signs of wrinkles. It is important to remember that wrinkles cannot be removed completely, but with an effective solution, you can reduce their appearance, hiding them from the naked eye and boosting your confidence in the process.

Anyone with dry skin will find that argan oil is beneficial solution to repair their damaged skin. This includes people suffering from psoriasis and eczema. These conditions cause dry and itching skin and in some cases, these can get infected and result in unwelcome sores. With the right solution being used, you can make a great preventative solution that you can use daily to keep the skin moisturised and healthy at all times.

For anyone suffering from acne, you will find that argan oil will soothe and heal your skin. With acne it’s not the pimples as much as the redness and swelling that comes along with it while the skin is irritated. This oil will soothe and reduce swelling while helping the acne to heal effectively.

The final reason you really should consider argan oil is to reduce stretch marks. Any woman who is pregnant will be looking for effective topical solutions to use to hide the stretch marks effectively without being harmful to their unborn baby. This is a completely natural and organic oil which you can trust to help you reduce the signs of stretch marks, protecting your skin in the process.

Be aware that when you decide to start using this oil, you want to buy it from a reputable supplier to ensure you are getting the one hundred percent natural and organic argan oil. There are so many offered online, but not all of them are the real deal.

Ideally you should find a supplier who can offer advice and maybe even give you a recipe on how to make your own beauty, hair or skin care product using this oil to ensure its effectiveness and leaves you with the outcome you want to achieve.

Aromantic is a leading supplier of organic and natural ingredients, recipes and courses to help customers make their own beauty, hair and skin care products. This company caters to private individuals and companies with over seven hundred high quality ingredients available on their easy to use and secure website. The company ensures they cater to all their customers focusing on all skin types and conditions. Aromantic is based in the United Kingdom offering worldwide delivery which is fast, effective and affordable. They dispatch all orders within one to three working days to ensure they reach their customers in the shortest period of time.

Get All Focus On Your Eyes With These Easy Tips

Don’t you love it when you get compliments? Did you recently like an eye makeup so much that you couldn’t look away? Want to know more about the secrets behind that mesmerizing look? When it comes to makeup application, every girl wants to know how to look like a diva. Here are a few tips and tricks to make you shine like a star.

Contrasting Eye Shadow

Instead of picking up a neutral palette of eye shadows, consider going in for a shade that contrast your eye colour. This will really help the colour to pop out. In simple words, it can be said that you are going with an eye shadow that is opposite of your eye colour. You can pick up a colour by looking at the colour wheel. For instance; if you have hazel eyes, you can go in with a colour having a hint of purple or rose and if you are blue eyed beauty, you can go in with shades of orange like copper.

Keep the Brow Bone In Mind

While doing eye makeup, it is easy to forget the brow bone. However, by giving the brow bone its due attention, you can make your eye makeup look more special. Pick up a pale colour to highlight the area or you can even choose a shimmer for that extra oomph factor. Look into the mirror and you will notice the difference.

Winged Liner Look

One of the most beautiful eyeliner look is the winged liner look. This is the trendiest look that has a huge fan following among women. If you think that this classic look is hard to master, think again. With a little practice and the right tools, you can be a master at creating the winged liner look.

The Magic of Primer & Mascara

Not everybody is born with thick, dark and long eyelashes, but how about getting them? Lash primer is a miraculous product that works by building up the lashes, so that you have thicker and longer lashes to apply the mascara on. You can easily pick up from a number of mascaras available in the market but make sure you go in with the one that you love.

Highlight The Eye Area

When it comes to eye makeup, it is really important that you highlight the area around the eye to brighten it up. Work around with the dark circles to hide them. For the same, you can pick up a great concealer. The highlighter can also be added to the apple of the cheeks and the temple area to give the eyes center stage.

Keep the Lips Nude

If you want to keep all the attention on your eye, then go nude on the lips. Right now, nude lips are trending and this is the simplest colour to get your hand on. Nude lips can be the best and the most beautiful way to give your eyes the required attention.

How to Take Care of Dry Hair

It’s nearing the colder months of the year and because it’s a change of season, your hair will start to dry out. It is important to keep your hair healthy so that it is well nourished and won’t break midway through hairstyling.

There are many ways to look after your hair and to avoid it from getting dry. The rule that stylists always mention to their clients is that you should never wash your hair too often. The chemicals in the products can sometimes be harsh and will damage your hair if washed on a daily basis. Water based shampoos and oil based shampoos are the only products that can be used on a daily basis and keep the hair well nourished.

Olive oil and coconut oil are the most recommended oils for your hair in order to be healthy. These oils can be found in Palmolive Shampoo and Organic Olive Oil Sheen Spray.

Hair products with oil are made to protect the hair and the follicles so that hair can grow naturally. They have enough vitamins and minerals to keep the hair strong and moisturised in dry seasons. These products also seal split ends so that the hair won’t split at the follicle. If this happens the hair would continuously split when new hair grows out.

Sheen Spray is known for increasing the elasticity in the hair and improving the hydration. The best part about having a sheen spray is that it doesn’t make clean hair look greasy after application and it doesn’t need to be applied like shampoo. The nature of the spray does not allow the usual bead-like drops to form when it’s been sprayed in the hair.

Stylists will also always tell you to never shampoo your hair without conditioning. This is another important rule for hair care. As there are so many chemicals in the shampoos to get rid of the grease, so there has to be a product to neutralise those chemicals and soften the hair. Most cash and carry wholesalers have shampoos with their corresponding conditioners so that the right chemicals can react together.

Everyone needs to have an idea of what the winter months can do to your hair and how to counteract the effects of the dryness in the air. There is always something that can be done to achieve a hydrated look so that you don’t have to keep that gorgeous hair under a hat.

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How to Use Makeup Brushes

How to use makeup brushes to get a perfect look

Choosing and using the right makeup brushes for the task at hand really does matter.

It starts with an even canvas, so to speak, which cannot be created without the right tools.

While it’s fun to think about creating a smoky eye or wearing a pop of bright pink blush, nothing looks good if the underlying complexion doesn’t.

The right makeup brushes are essential in achieving a flawless complexion. Follow these steps on how to use makeup brushes.

An even complexion is most often created with concealer and foundation. If you apply your concealer with your fingertips, you’re going to apply it to a much larger area than you actually need. This is why it’s so important to apply concealer with an appropriate concealer brush. It will place the concealer exactly where you want it.

After applying concealer, the next step is to apply foundation. Again, it’s important to use a makeup brush to apply foundation, instead of with the fingertips. You will use much less product and get a more even, streak-free finish.

If you choose to apply face powder after applying foundation, you should do so with a big, fluffy brush. This will ensure even distribution. You can use the brush to make sure you’re not using too much powder, by dusting away the excess.

This is the perfect time to apply blush. Using the appropriate brush (one that’s a bit smaller than your powder brush) will allow you to follow the natural contours of your face. It’s really almost impossible to apply powder blush without using a brush.

Now for the eyes… use a pair of tweezers to remove any stray hairs. Next, dip a stiff, angled brush into an eye shadow and apply to the tops of the brows. This will define the brows and fill in any sparse areas. Next, use a large eye shadow brush to apply a highlighter color from the lash line to the brow line.

If you use a gel formula eye liner, you’ll need an eye liner brush for its application. Use a smaller eyeshadow brush if you wish to apply a darker color on the eyelid. Coat the bottom and upper lashes with mascara.

Finally, use a lip brush to apply lip color. Using a lip brush will ensure a precise, even finish.I understand that makeup brushes may not be quite as exciting as a bright red lipstick, but they are crucial to achieving a polished appearance.

Now you know how to use makeup brushes this will help you speed up your morning beauty routine or anytime you want you put on makeup. Most importantly keep your makeup brushes clean and well-organized and they will serve you well, and remember to never share your makeup brushes